Cable Lifts

Accumar Cable Lifts are a good choice for traversing great distances without supports on the slope itself, and leaving the slope unaltered. Our cable lifts are generally less expensive than track systems.

Accumar Cable Lifts have a low environmental impact, are visually unobstrusive, and run whisper-quiet.

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Lift Features

  • Low environmental impact -- no supports necessary on slope itself
  • Whisper-quiet, electric design
  • Rigging and mechanical components below railing height of deck, maintaining an uncluttered appearance
  • No hydraulics, no hydraulic oil messes
  • Key-controlled start and stop controls in car and on entry decks
  • Numerous safety features to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride

Custom Options

  • Canopy of polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminium, or any other suitable material
  • Color powder coating over metal components
  • Various finishes on woodwork
  • Seat cushions, canvas covers, windows
  • Fully enclosed car
  • Keypad controls, in lieu of keys
  • Double doors
  • Architectural detailing to match existing property

Lift Specifications

750 pounds, or custom per installation
75 feet/minute maximum
Car Size:
15 square feet of interior space is standard, with larger sizes available on request
Hot-dip galvanized channel
Track Spacing:
36" is standard, with alternate spacing available as required
1/4" - 5/16" galvanized aircraft cables
3 or 5 HP is standard, depending on need
240 V electrical service is brought from the house electrical panel or other service panel to the hoist location
Gear Reducer:
Hardened alloy worm with bronze gear
Car Construction:
Welded aluminum frame finished with cedar, translucent polycarbonate, stainless steel, or any other suitable material
Sliding, with safety shut off switch
"UP-DOWN" key switch and "STOP" button - located at each landing and in each car.  Equipped with variable acceleration for soft, easy stops.
Safety Features:
Automatically locking deck gates, automatic speed governor, slack rope safety mechanism, impact-detecting bumpers

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