Lift Systems
  • Cable Lifts
  • Track Lifts
  • Safety & Maintenance
  • Environmental Impact

Accumar is a Washington State licensed elevator contractor, with State certified mechanics. All the Cable and Track lifts installed in Washington are inspected and licensed.

Accumar Cable Lifts and Track Lifts are built in accordance to the National ASME Residential Inclined Elevator Codes.

Accumar Lift Systems are designed to withstand the difficult weather conditions of the Northwest, and are generally low-maintenance, usually requiring servicing only once or twice a year.

Safety Features

  • Speed governor and safety brake automatically sense and protect against the car traveling downhill too fast
  • Fail-safe braking in the event of power loss
  • Safety systems prevent the car from moving when a landing gate or car gate is open, and automatically lock the top landing gate when the car begins to move
  • Two hoisting cables, instead of the typical single cable as seen on most trams
  • Industrial-quality hoisting equipment
  • Slack rope switch
  • Low-voltage car controls
  • Emergency stop buttons in the car and at each landing
  • Key operated controls, either with keys or coded keypads
  • 42" high car sides and deck railings, with fully enclosed options available

Accumar Cable and Track Lifts are very quiet, and can seldom even be heard from a neighboring property.

Accumar Cable Lifts in particular have a low visual impact, and generally do not require alteration of the slope they traverse.

Another advantage of Accumar Cable Lifts is that they do not generally involve any construction, grading, or alteration of the slopes they traverse, a strong argument in the permitting process.