Tram: From Garage to Front Door

This Accumar tram runs between the garage and the home entry south of Seattle.  Recreational trams that ride, for instance,  to the beach, are often left open to the elements.  The thinking is that if we are enjoying the outdoors, we might as well be open to the enviroment.  But for those using the tram at all times of the day, at all times of year, and in all kinds of weather, an enclosed car makes the journey a whole lot more comfortable.  In this case, the garage has a covered entry area, as does the bottom, so the passengers are almost always out of the rain, etc.

The car is finished in old-growth western red cedar, Lexan windows, and a black powder coated aluminum structure.  The wood finish is Cetol.  The trip takes about one minute.  The machine room is at the end of the garage, at the top of the rails.